Cathy Medium

Cathy Medium
Dear Doctor Kara, For years, I have been dreaming of having a beautýful dentýtýon, especýally when having to face customers because of my professýon. For months, I had the feeling that I had to travel abroad to make my dream come true. I had the choice between several countrýes, but my strong ýntuýtýon (I am a psychic) naturally brought me to Turkey. I therefore decided to come wýth friends and family. After many phone conversatýons wýth Mr Rasim, I was convinced to take a flight týcket and come to Turkey for my dental treatment. I can assure you that Mr Rasim gave me good advice and fully respected my ýssue, either ethically and professionally. When I arrýved ýn Istanbul airport, I was welcomed by you two wýth a bunch of flowers, which I really appreciated. Then, you took excellent care of me, from tranfers to hotel bookýngs, etc... My treatment lasted 5 days durýng which you helped me get rid of my apprehension, my phobia of dentists, as well as provide me with full advýce and work plan details. In France, I can assure you that the whole process would have lasted much longer and costed much more money. Your expertise, your kindness, your human qualities really helped me and made a big difference. I hýghly recommend you wýth future patients. They can trust you and I can assure them that they will be ýn good hands with you. I would also like to mention your great team: Mr Rasim, your best ambassador, he accompanied me during my whole stay, Kerim your partner and Canan, your assýstant. To my opinion, you should be known and recognýzed in the entire world as you are a great person wýth a great soul. I wish you full success for yourself and your team, as you all deserve ýt. You are professýonal, competent and you really care for your patients.
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